Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Live Here Now, Part 10

I got my photographs back from Hank a few days ago and they are gorgeous. I can't wait to share them with you, but I do have to wait at least a few more weeks. Once we get closer to the show, I will start to publish some pictures. Right now, I'm working on my statement, titles, prices and I'm thinking about the display… 

Oh, and I made three more pieces! I added a necklace as a companion piece to another necklace and made matching earrings and ring for another piece. I was thinking about these piece before, but only in my periphery. Then I just ran out of time before my photography deadline. However, I couldn't let them go. Once I found out Hank could fit them in this week, I knew I had to follow through. I made them over the last two days and now they are off to Seattle. 

Finally, I broke my trusty Craftsman pliers while making chain. I've had these for years and was shocked that they just snapped.

Thanks for reading.

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