Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moving Forward

walking in Vrångö

Yesterday I went island hopping and visited four different islands in Gothenburg's southern archipelago. It couldn't have been a better day--beautiful sunny weather, low-key travel with no problems, peaceful ferry rides, long walks along tiny streets. I visited Brännö, Styrsö, Donsö and Vrångö, taking ferries between each except for Styrsö and Donsö. I walked across a bridge between these two, which I just loved. I ate my lunch of cheese, bread and apples in the graveyard of a church built in the 1790s, drank coffee in a small cafe where no one else was and sat on rocks while listening to the birds. I also collected a number of things I found lying on the ground and thought a lot about my work.

my collection from yesterday's island trip

Today I walked along the Göta älv to the Älvsborg Bridge which spans the river and also marks the area where the river meets the sea. This transitional point is a favorite phenomenon of mine. Just under the bridge is Röda Sten konsthall, a contemporary art museum where I saw a retrospective of Adrian Paci and a collaborative project by Merete Lassen and Mimmi Andersson. I also saw lots of graffiti as the exterior of the building is covered with it. Then inside I saw two works by one of my favorite artists, Swoon. It was a very inspiring trip and felt like one of those "right place, right time" moments.


Adrian Paci, The Last Gestures

Merete Lassen and Mimmi Andersson, House of Opposites 

As I said yesterday, I am moving around thoughts of islands and connections, and after today's long walk and the work I saw at the museum, I add bridges and ending points. I'm thinking more about moments and about capturing them in the form of objects, as well as opposites… all concepts I've been using in my work for awhile. I'm thinking about rope, too…

rope on Brännö

Älvsborg Bridge 
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