Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Materials and an Interview

I can't stop thinking about rope and last night I started feeling strongly about black rope... A few days ago I realized my "Island" piece falls in the "Outerland" part of the exhibition and not in the "Heartland," where I had pictured it before. Ever since I made it I have wanted to make a complementary piece in black. I always thought this piece would be a similar embroidered work only in black and gray, but now I wonder if this companion piece could be something else, a different object or some form of jewelry. This morning I went to a fishing store and bought 20 meters of black rope. I'm still not sure what I will do with it but I'm glad I have something I can move around with my hands. It's definitely time I start making something and I think this lovely black rope is a good place to begin.

Boel Ulfsdotter taking photos of the work during the interview

Also today I met Karin Roy Andersson, my gallerist, and we hosted a writer from the Gothenburg Post, Boel Ulfsdotter. She interviewed me for an article that will appear in the paper this weekend. She took a lot of time to just look and then asked me questions which lead to conversations. The work seemed to resonate with her and she did have an emotional response, which was thrilling. It was also really good for me to talk about the work out loud--every time I talk about it, my thoughts and language become more clear. In preparation for the interview, Karin and I decided to begin installing the work last night and will complete it tomorrow afternoon.

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