Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Ritual

The first piece I started for "I Live Here Now" was "Silently (I Saw a Robin Today)," a piece about my mother using her wedding gown. The dress hung on a wall in my studio for some time before I began working and the day I started taking the dress apart, I tried the dress on. I had never done this before and had never even thought about it until that moment. It occurred to me that many girls try on their mothers' wedding dresses and I felt I had to experience this tradition, too. I put the dress on in my studio and took a few photos with Photo Booth on my laptop. I really love these pictures and I'm so glad I tried the dress on and took photos. I know this act was an important part of the process and the exact place to begin. I like that the pictures capture the serious of the act, as well. I felt serious when I did this and it made me contemplate my mother and the story of the dress and her wedding. Afterward, I documented the details of the dress and then began taking it apart. 

Please visit Flickr to see lots of pictures of the deconstruction process.

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