Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hello, Sweden

Sweden from above

I flew to Gothenburg, Sweden yesterday…and today, I begin working on the final piece for my exhibition, "I Live Here Now," which opens next Friday, April 4. This piece will be about my "Outerland," which I define as the home I find wherever I am. I will begin by taking one of my long walks, and as I walk, I will be thinking and collecting pictures. Up until yesterday, I did not think about this piece much at all--I wanted to come here without any preconceived ideas or attitudes so that I might be open to any and all possibilities. I barely researched Gothenburg, too, deliberately keeping myself from learning about this place in advance, again, in an effort to keep myself open. I like discovering a new place as I wander about and experience the culture first hand. I find this informs my work in a wonderful and unexpected ways, which is exactly what I want. Now that I am here, my mind is racing... I know today's walk will serve as a way to begin my process, but it will also be the perfect way to settle my mind, even if only a little bit. I am terribly jet lagged, too, and know being out in the sun will help me acclimate. 

cloud installation at the Gothenburg airport

my work unpacked at the gallery

roof line near my hostel

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Anonymous said...

While you are there be sure to have some lefse with butter and sugar. It is Norwegian, but I am sure Sweden has it also. The hostel looks wonderful.
Roxy Lentz