Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Progress Report

Here are week 2 progress images of my new piece. I am now working on stretchers with the fabric tacked down like canvas. I gave up my hoop as the amount of working area it provided was just too small--I realized I needed to see the entire surface as I work and was also concerned that my knots would be crushed if sandwiched in the structure of the hoop. It can be a bit awkward to stitch on this big frame, but being able to see the whole field is worth some clumsy moves. I think the more I work in this manner, the more finesse I will gain.

I'm pretty excited about where this is going.

More progress pictures on Flickr.

Thanks for reading.


Jennifer E Moss said...

I've also had to resort to the stretcher bar embroidery tactic. I don't know what you have access to over there, but you may look for an embroidery frame and stand, the kind that allows you to roll your work on to dowel and move it like a scroll. I've heard good things about this one, but I don't own one myself yet.

Amy Tavern said...

My teacher, Melinda Barta, made the stretcher suggestion...and she had the frame and stand while she was teaching. I was dreaming of having one the other day...I haven't heard of the dowel, but plan to look into it. Thank you!