Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Progress Report No. 4

Week Four has come to a close...Today I will begin layering knots and detailing the edges and will complete the piece on Friday when it feels done. I'm really happy with what's happening, very excited, actually...I will show the finished piece on Monday! Let's review the last few weeks...

 end of Day One

 end of Week One

 end of Week Two

 end of Week Three

Progress images on Flickr.

Thanks for reading.


Catherine Chandler said...

Amy, I love the muted/matching color tones! It lends itself to so much further interpretation on the part of the viewer. Stellar work!

Amy Tavern said...

Thank you, Catherine! I am really enjoying the opportunity to work with white. The chance feels luxurious and, you're right, the color does leave lots of room for interpretation.