Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Sources

One more thing before I share the new piece I'm working on and explain my Nes residency project--I want to share more about my new sources. I admire natural forms, of course. I have a collection several years in the making of seed pods, branches, and other similar objects back in the U.S. I usually say I'm inspired by the formal qualities of these pieces--I see shape, line, pattern, and so on. But, it was not until now that I am truly looking to the natural world for inspiration. I am not surprised...from images I have seen of Iceland before I got here, I knew. When I read there are over 700 kinds of lichen, I knew. Now that I am here, how can I not be influenced? I went for a long walk the other day along the cliffs and began collecting images with my digital camera. Between these forms, the landscape, and the weather, I have much to look to.

Tomorrow I will show you the piece I am working on!

See more pics on Facebook and Flickr.

Thanks for reading.

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