Friday, May 24, 2013

I Can Only Stay Away for So Long

During just the second week of being here at Nes I got itchy to make jewelry. I hadn't made any since a few days before I left the U.S. and so about a month had passed...I see now I can only stay away for so long. I started making some simple necklaces with Icelandic wool that had been left behind in the studio. This exercise was similar to ones I've done in the past in which I established a few simple parameters and challenged myself to work within them. I made one necklace with each color I had, seven in total. Each one is knotted and layered in a different way. For a few I cut a number of lengths while for others I used one continuous piece, and for all of them I used all the yarn available. I made several in a row, one per night, and gave myself an hour or two to complete them. It was a fun process and I like the results. I would keep going if I had more wool...

Thanks for reading.

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