Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Iceland! At Last!

view of the city from the tower of Hallgrímskirkja
Flying into Iceland was like flying onto another planet. I flew from Oslo, Norway (best looking airport ever!) and the eastern part of this tiny island was covered in snow. I could see mountains and rivers and lakes in strange patterns and shapes. Then as we got closer to Reykjavik, the landscape changed to grey-black and what I imagine to be lava fields and volcanic rock formations. I listened to Bjork the entire flight. It was amazing! I spent the next two days wandering around Reykjavik, taking in stark architecture, small streets, wonderful food, lots of fantastic graffiti, a monolithic church, ducks that howl, and contemporary art, and jewelry, all set to the backdrop of the mountains and the sea. Incredible! Icelandic people are also some of the loveliest, most helpful people I have encountered in my travels and I love listening to them talk. The language sounds like birds chattering. Here are some highlights...with lots more pictures on Facebook and Flickr.

(All the pictures of contemporary art are by graduating BA students from Iceland Academy of the Arts at Reykjavik Art Museum.)

inside Harpa, the concert a hall...The building is constructed of glass, prism-like shapes making for an incredible display of light and shadow and sparkle inside.
"Uppbrot" by Guðný Pálsdóttir
"Verndarbauger" by Elín Bríta Sigvaldadóttir
necklace by Sara Arnarsdóttir

clothing by another graduating BA student from IAA
(Unfortunately, I did not write her name down. 
I was so taken with that turquoise dress I forgot!)

a boat under renovation at the harbor 

graffiti at a city park that is covered wall-to-wall

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