Monday, May 20, 2013

Living Here

I am really in love with this place, if one can be in love with a country or an island or a landscape. Everyday I start stitching around 9am, I work, I think, I write, I work some more, I take breaks and look at the sea, I take a walk, I take pictures, I work some more, I eat my dinner, I work some more...That's usually how it goes with each day similar and different at the same time. My walks are one of my favorite parts. I love seeing things for the first time and I also love seeing how my surroundings change throughout the day and night due to the near 24 hours of sun.

This past weekend I went for long walks with two friends/fellow residents. The weather was excellent on Saturday, the warmest it has been so far. I actually wore a t-shirt and had to find my sunscreen so I could protect my tattoos. We walked for five hours on Saturday, all along the coast and then on the highway toward the end. We met up with some horses, sat on the edge of a cliff, and observed three lambs who were curious enough to not run away. The next day we walked into a valley for a few hours, but it was too cold to go much further. We parted toward the end and I went on to explore the local junkyard, loaded with rusty metal and piles of fishing nets. Everything I see is fascinating and makes me look forward to working more.

Progress on my piece is good. I am now down to less than two weeks before I finish it. I am still completely enjoying the process and find myself getting very excited about the finished work, although I am trying very, very hard to not get ahead of myself. I want the final composition to surprise me just as all this new stuff I am seeing every day surprises me. Let's just wait and see how it all reveals itself.

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christinemariedavis said...

Awesome images. What a serene and magical place.