Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Days in Florence: Alchimia

waiting for the lecture to begin
I spent three days in lovely Florence last weekend. On Friday I gave a lecture at Alchimia: Contemporary Jewelry School. My talk was a basic over view of my process and work from Line Drawings to my most current work, "Observation/Translation." The talk felt good and as I spoke and looked around the room at my audience, students seemed engaged as they nodded and smiled back at me. I answered a few questions at the end and then did just a few one-on-ones. I also enjoyed lunch with Doris Maninger, one of the school's founders, a real pleasure.

Chiara Cavallo with her work

Lucy Clark with her work at her bench 
(Lucy is also a friend of mine from Penland! It was so great to see her!)

Tomorrow I will tell you about the interesting things I saw as I wandered.

Thanks for reading.

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