Thursday, April 11, 2013

Professoressa Due

I worked with the advanced metals students again today. First they showed me the materials they had chosen at the market yesterday. Then I had them make a list of the materials they were interested in yesterday but did not choose and asked them to compare these items to the list of 50 things from a few days ago. I also had them write for 15 minutes about the material they did choose. (I feel very strongly about the importance of writing about your work--you will learn so much about your work and process especially if you write consistently and often.) Next I asked the girls to make at least three samples with the material they chose in the remaining class time. We gathered together needles and thread and various office supplies like staples and tape, all of which they could use to help fabricate and connect their samples. (This exercise was very similar to my 3D sketching class and their samples should lead them to ideas for final pieces.) At the end of class I asked them questions about the samples and we talked about how the "sketches" could translate into finished pieces. I'm looking forward to seeing what they make in the coming days and will be back at the end of next week for a final crit after my excursions to Florence and Venice.

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Roxy Lentz said...

If you have not been to Florence yet, be sure to go to the Alchimia art jewelry school. It is really wonderful. I got to go there on a two week intensive training class. One thing that spooked me was that the torch was always on. We turned on the oxygen when we wanted to use it. We did turn the gas off for lunch and break.

Amy Tavern said...

Great comment! I would love to take a class there someday! I just posted a note about the lecture I gave there...