Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Custom Made

Badge for Holly

I made a few custom pieces in the last few weeks. It's always challenging and always fun to create this kind of work. Most people give me an idea of what they want and then let me take it from there. I even went way back to my "Egg and Bean Collection." The sterling silver and yellow acrylic egg pendant is a new variation (and color) and the series was a pleasure to revisit. Finally, the spoon was a thank you gift for a friend who has an incredible spoon collection. Once she got the gift, she sent me a photo of it on her wall.

 Black and Lavender Earrings for Tracy

Sterling and Yellow Plastic Egg Necklace for Dixie

Black and Light Blue Earrings for Tracy

Teardrop Spoon for Kristin

the spoon on Kristin's wall amongst her collection

Thanks for reading.

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