Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lost in Venice, Part 3: Burano

I went to the island of Burano on my last day in Venice. It took nearly two hours to get there (two boats and a wait in between them), but I loved the chance to be on the water for such a long time. Then once I arrived the time felt totally worth it. The island is lovely: rows of colorful houses, fresh laundry on clothesline after clothesline, a relaxed feel and relative quiet considering the number of people that piled out of that ferry with me. I enjoyed a picnic lunch sitting next to the water and then made my way to the Museo del Merletto, the lace museum. The museum is a small but filled with incredible examples of Venetian antique lace and traces the history of lace from its origins. (I have posted examples from the 17th century.) There are also a number of cute, white-haired ladies working away on lace in the last room of the museum. Afterward, I wandered around as per usual and took lots of pictures and easily managed a visit to a church, of course.

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