Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I taught the advanced metals class yesterday and earlier today. I began by giving a short PowerPoint presentation on ideas. I described my process and talked about the different ways I find and develop my concepts. I showed images of studio exercises, works-in-progress, and finished pieces. Then I lead the students through a 30-minute exercise, asking them to list things they like and then organize them into broader themes. When they were done I explained how the list becomes a tool and can be revisited and revised. We also talked about brooches because the students are about to begin their final project--two brooches that incorporate different materials alongside metal and, most importantly, beautiful pin backs.

metals studio

Italy Intensives school

Today we walked down to Certaldo Basso to the Wednesday farmer's market so students could find their material of choice--one material to be used in two different ways. The material can be manipulated in any manner they wish--sewn, painted, burned, etc.After we browsed the entire market, Marissa and I left them alone to purchase their materials without any "pressure" from us, their instructors. 

all sorts of stuff at the market

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Roxy Lentz said...

When you say list things you like, what do you mean? Things to have in your home, things to go see?

Amy Tavern said...

Things they like to look at, things that inspire them. Colors, textures, objects, scenery, anything that grabs your attention, gives you ideas, and makes you want to work. Thanks for asking, I realize now I should have described this exercise better!