Thursday, April 25, 2013

Final Days in Certaldo

My time in Italy was serendipitously booked-ended with Certaldo. As you know I spent a few days there in the beginning and taught the advanced jewelry students. Then after nearly a week away in Florence and Venice, I returned to Certaldo. It was so nice to have some quiet moments there again after the crowds in the cities. I spent more time with the advanced students and gave a lecture. Then I was able to attend the student exhibition that served as the culmination of their semester abroad. A big thanks to the Italy Intensives program, Linda Darty, and Marissa Saneholtz for generously hosting me!

I also went on a few long walks: one to seek out graffiti in Certaldo Basso and the other to wander in the countryside. Both were wonderful in very different ways. The graffiti was inspiring, some of the best I've seen, while Tuscan landscape made me want to move there and live in a stone house at the end of a Cyprus-lined road. Here are some final pictures...

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Tim Ayers said...

omg i want that grenade chicken on a t shirt! safe travels, cheers!