Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Little Bit More

While I was installing my work last week at Velvet da Vinci, I told Mike and Emma about different pieces--how I made them, what ideas were behind them, who they are about. Mike asked me to choose a few pieces and write short statements about each, thinking viewers will be interested in the stories, too. I choose five pieces from both series and these statements will be posted near the pieces for everyone to read. Here are two examples:

This piece represents a gold-tone sweater holder with two bows and a short chain. I chose to exaggerate the form and the faded, worn appearance of the original by using multiple bows and chains and by intentionally scratching away the vermeil. 

In 2000 I began working towards my BFA in metalsmithing at the University of Washington. A dear friend gave me a cast lace necklace she made in a class we took together that year. In 2004 she passed away and I feel very fortunate to have such a lovely reminder of her and the time we spent together. The paper doily in this piece represents that necklace and my friend, as well as our inevitable loss of innocence.

I will post the other statements with the pieces on my website and Flickr soon so you can read then, too!
Thanks for reading.

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