Monday, November 21, 2011

I Left My Jewelry in San Francisco: Part 4

"The United States Government Destroys Art"
One of the best things I got to do while in San Francisco was visit the SFMOMA to see Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective. I loved it! The show includes giant drawings and a few sculptures, along with open sketchbooks, smaller drawings, and other examples of process. The SFMOMA site describes it well:

"The exhibition traces Serra's evolving ideas and methods since the 1970s, when he began making wall-size abstractions that radically altered the relationship between drawing and architectural space. Serra uses black paintstick to build stark, densely layered forms that manipulate the viewer's sense of mass and gravity, making for an experience that is as visceral as it is visual"

"Drawings after Circuit"
Minimal, monumental, quiet, captured moments and gestures, visual movement in otherwise static objects, evidence of process...all things I am fascinated by in art and craft. One of the things I liked most was reading about his process--he often wanted to see what would happen if he used his materials in a specific way and he explains how he created the pieces in order to explore and learn. He even talks about pieces being "exercises," something I relate to because creating exercises for myself is part of my process. Before seeing this exhibition I was familiar with Serra's sculptures, but not his 2D work. I really had no idea and walked away feeling inspired and excited. Don't be surprised if I begin a Serra-influenced series in textural black spray paint.
"Verb List"
I'll end with a favorite quote:

"...The art that I find compelling always seems to come from unconscious drives that lead artists to tools and procedures they know nothing about but that enable them to extend their work."

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