Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Left My Jewelry in San Francisco: Part 3

On November 3 I taught two back-to-back 3-dimensional drawing with materials workshops at City College. I began each class with a lecture about my work followed by a short question and answer session. Then I set the students to work. They had to complete a piece of jewelry in one hour using common and found materials they had brought from home. I asked them to try different things, to work gesturally, to be mindful of the time, and to have fun. After the hour we talked about the pieces--what students were thinking about as they worked, what their intention was, why they chose the materials they did, how the process made them feel, etc. Students moved quickly and seriously during work time (it was very quiet) and had fantastic things to say during the critiques. I was delighted with the results and how articulate everyone was.

Thanks to Suzanne Pugh, the metals instructor at City College (and my good friend!), for inviting me to teach.

More images on Flickr.

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