Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what i'm reading

Rings by Diana Scarisbrick. this book is about the history of rings. my favorite new discovery is the "acrostic ring" in which a row of stones spells a term of endearment using the first letter of each stone.

every morning for about the last 6 weeks i have been spending some time reading books on jewelry and subjects related to the concepts in my own work. i got a few for christmas (thanks sister-in-law) and just got two more for valentine's day (thanks mom and brother). i'm also diving back into a few favorites. i usually read for 15-30 minutes and though that may seem like a short amount of time, i find i read quite a lot and it feels incredibly rewarding and inspiring. here are the titles, all of them i highly recommend.

The World's Great Treasures ed. Gianna Guadalupi. this book has giant close-up pictures of historical jewelry perfect for studying all the tiny details.

Jewelry Design by Carissa Kowalski Dougherty. this book features the work of some of today's most innovative jewelry artists - a new favorite for me is kim buck.

On Longing by Susan Stewart. this book covers some topics i am acutely interested in including the miniature and the collection.

Tord Boontje by Martina Margetts. a favorite artist of mine. i couldn't look at this book for a few weeks after i leafed through it for the first time. it was so beautiful (and still is) it overwhelmed me.

20,000 Years of Fashion by Francois Boucher. just an amazing costume reference.

thanks for reading.

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Unknown said...

On Longing has been one of my favorites since undergrad--Susan Stewart is amazing! I highly recommend The Open Studio as well--in fact, I'm planning to re-read it during my residency next month (more chatelaines on the way...)