Friday, February 5, 2010

guest star friday #50...barbara crocker

since this is my 50th GS post, i thought i would go back to the beginning (also appropriate because i've been looking back this week...) barbara crocker was my first metalsmithing teacher. when i graduated from suny fredonia in 1996 i promised myself i would go back to school some day to learn metalsmithing; about a year later i ran across an ad for private lessons and i gave barbara a call. we had an initial meeting to see if we might like working together and a few months later i had my first lesson. i really loved that time with barbara in her sweet studio in great barrington, ma. i spent a few hours there every other saturday for about a year before i moved to seattle.

barbara's work is elegant in design and impeccably made. i remember how impressed i was when i saw her mastery of tools/techniques and her attention to detail...and i most definitely loved her minimal aesthetic, simple geometric shapes, clean lines, and descending compositions.

today barbara works for McTeigue and McClelland Jewelers in great barrington, ma. they make exquisite fine jewelry and their website is definitely worth a visit.

thanks for reading.


BaconFat said...

I enjoyed reading your piece about Barbara Crocker but I have to offer a small correction. It would be a major understatement to simply say that Barbara “works” for McTeigue & McClelland, she is a key component of our company and plays a huge role in the design and development stages of our collections. Barbara brings an excellent sense of balance and proportion to the large and small details and I think it's fair to say that the Flora Collection would not be what it is without her contribution of ideas and skills.

But even if she had only mediocre talents at the bench, she would still be a highly valuable part of our company, Barbara has all of the qualities that make her an ideal employee and co-worker including being totally reliable, having a great attitude and an excellent work ethic. I can’t begin to put a value on what a pleasure it is to get to work with Barbara; she is a genuine, kind, generous and thoughtful person. I love that she “works” at McTeigue & McClelland!

Walter McTeigue

Amy Tavern said...

thank you for writing this. i didn't know how to sum up her "work" for you because i know she does a lot, to say the least...this is a perfect description, written better than i could have.