Monday, February 1, 2010

go amy go

my friend, beth schaible, gave me this lovely letterpress card yesterday. it made me feel really good...yesterday was the last day for my collections. i spent the day working in my studio filling final mail orders and then later in the evening i got a bunch more. but, now it's done. my shop is gone from my website and my etsy and supermarket shops have been cleared. you will also see some other changes to my website - it's cleaner, simpler, and feels fresh. i have also made a few changes to my blog. now you can find a complete list of the blogs i read and all my favorite jewelry and art/design websites and links at my new delicious site. (delicious is for social bookmarking and is a fantastic way to find websites you haven't seen before and save/share sites you love.) i am not quite finished with my import and tagging, but probably by the end of today.

thanks for reading.

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Sarah said...

awesome card. congrats on your new start, and good luck with continuing to develop your studio jewelry!