Monday, February 15, 2010

newly discovered, old favorites

christian dior, carol tanenbaum

i love surfing the web to find interesting jewelry, contemporary and antique. i just discovered this incredible site - carol tanenbaum vintage collection - for costume jewelry. from what i've read carol tanenbaum is a great collector and now her finds are available for purchase on the internet. the site boasts page after page of gorgeous pieces and the images are big so you can see all the details.

i also love the new chariots on fire website. chariots is one of my favorite jewelry stores and now you can see their offerings online including a big collection of natalia brilli and marianne anderson. they also have a great vintage collection.

natalia brilli, chariots

marianne anderson, chariots

and of course, there's also my old favorite erie basin with its incredibly curated collection of vintage and antique jewelry.
ring 1830's, erie basin

ooh, one more...alana antique and estate jewelry.
brooch c. 1880, alana

thanks for reading.

p.s. if you know of any great sites for antique/vintage jewelry please pass them along to me.

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