Thursday, February 4, 2010

201 designs

pop necklace

over the weekend i looked through the images of all my collection designs that have come and gone. there are about 200 of them and a few that really stand out to me. they were my favorites then and i still love them now. i thought i would share a few that you probably haven't seen in awhile:

billionaire earrings

jellyfish earrings

tiny traipse necklace
version earrings

it's so interesting to me to look at them and think about what i'm making now. they are very different and yet there are some similarities, too. i'm still interested in line and negative space, pattern, asymmetry and visual movement, but my newer work is loose and gestural and not nearly as structured as these pieces. i also remember being against oxidation for my work and now i can't seem to stop. wonder where i'll be in another 5 years...

thanks for reading.

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krista said...

i really like the first two!