Wednesday, February 3, 2010

all my little shops

rare device

one of the other things i've been thinking about is the many shops that have carried my work over the years. i put together a list and there are about 75 different shops in 19 states and 4 countries. it was really interesting to compile this list. i had forgotten about some of these places and i found myself exclaiming a few times. they are all a part of my success and my total experience as a small business owner/working artist. i learned a lot from them including things i like and things i want to avoid. a few caused some serious headaches while most of them just made me happy. i would like to say thanks to a few in particular - these are the ones i started with, who ordered again and again, gave me trunk shows, featured my work in some way, and who were just an incredible pleasure to work with:

velouria in seattle, wa
fancy in seattle, wa
cog and pearl in brooklyn, ny
rare device in san fransico, ca
carol young studio in los angeles, ca
habit in chicago, il


thanks for reading.

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