Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Sale Cyber Monday

In 2011 I had my first-ever solo exhibition, "This is How I Remember It." I made two groups of work for the show and one was titled, "Collected Memories: 1974-Present." The series included over 30 pieces, all made with materials I had amassed, and each piece was based on my collection of jewelry and my memories of it. A little over a year later, it is now my first-ever Cyber Monday...The pieces that remain from "Collected Memories: 1974-Present" are available now at my Etsy shop and on sale for 50% off their original price. They were $150 and now they are $75.
Here is part of the artist statement for the work:

"The jewelry that has come in and out of my life over the years has had a profound effect on me, fueling and sustaining my desire to be a jeweler. These special pieces changed my perspective on jewelry and form part of my personal history.

In “Collected Memories: 1974-Present,” I analyzed the jewelry I own to discover patterns and to gain further insight into my history with jewelry. The completed installation serves as a timeline of my life with jewelry and a vehicle for intertwining events and people. The works are made using materials I have collected and are assembled in such a way as to emphasize the impermanence and incompleteness of memory.

“This is How I Remember It” chronicles my history and preserves my memories, as the individual pieces from my past act as primary inspiration.

I hope you will visit my Etsy shop today!

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