Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Star #102...Carolina Apolonia

Today's Guest Star is Carolina Apolonia. I was fortunate to spend time with Carolina while I was in Belgium--she came to Antwerp from the Netherlands for a coffee date with me and we had such a nice time! Carolina is also represented by Beyond Fashion and her jewelry is among my favorite work in the gallery. In her current collection she uses old book covers and leather, sewing shapes together to create 3-dimensional geometric forms. She has been interested in sewing since she was a kid (just like me!) and incorporates stitching in a very sophisticated way. I like her shapes and their voluminous yet light-weight feel. She also use layering in wonderful way along with a soft, neutral palette.

Carolina has her own solo show at Beyond Fashion in December. It opens December 6. (I really wish I could be there...)

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