Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm an Entrepreneur

I don't often think of myself as an entrepreneur, but I am. I started my business in 2002 and and I've been full time since 2005. I've taken some financial risks over the years and I've had to be creative or innovative to grow my business. It's a constant learning process but one that I absolutely love. I've been invited by Virginia Commonwealth University to be a part of their Hand-Crafted Entrepreneurship Symposium. I will be presenting alongside Alex Hibbit (moderator, Assistant Director, Graduate Chair and Associate an Professor of Art at Ohio University), Daniel Michalik (panelist, artist, Founder of DMFD), and Heather Mae Erickson (panelist, artist, craftsperson, and designer). There will be lectures, a panel discussion, and individual/small group student discussions.

November 15 & 16, 2012
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA

Panel Discussion: Thur, Nov 15th, 12-2pm, Student Commons Theatre

Reception: Thur, Nov 15th, 2:30-4:30pm, Fine Arts Building Lobby

Student Discussions with Panelists: Fri, Nov 16th, 9am-4:30pm, 
The Department of Craft/Material Studies 

Crafts/Material Studies and the American Craft Council present The Hand-Crafted Entrepreneurship a Making Meaning in the Marketplace Symposium. This symposium brings together four talented, ambitious artists working in traditional craft media to discuss their experiences and ideas surrounding the business side of their art practice.

Every maker who has supported themselves (and often their family) with their craft has built a business in a unique and often innovative way. There is no single, unified model to follow for a successful career in the arts. Makers by necessity must forge a business and a professional path in a way that makes sense and plays to their strengths. For anyone interested in, or curious about a career the arts, this symposium will offer fertile insight into the business side of the arts. 

Each panelist will present an overview of their work and journey followed by a discussion panel that will investigate the highlights, successes, pitfalls, and requisite tenacity that encompass a career of making, marketing, and selling handmade products. 

This symposium is possible through the support of the American Craft Council. 

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