Thursday, June 12, 2008

santorini, part 2

the first day we were in santorini, we walked to fira, the capital, heading straight to the caldera rim to see the view. however, i was pleasantly sidetracked by koukla, a shop i had found during my many greek jewelry internet searches. i was so excited to find it! the shop is owned by two sisters, avge and olga, who just love jewelery. i struck up a conversation with avge and had such a good time chatting with her. (yes, she did ask me if i had a shop of my own.) she even visited my blog and website while i was there. so nice. i spent a lot of time looking at everything. the layout of the shop and the displays were thoughtful and uncrowded. the work was eclectic and very appealing, a great mix of contemporary, handmade work.
the next day i went back and bought a necklace and two bracelets by joanna cave. koukla was definitely my favorite jewelry shop in greece! here is a picture of the cute packaging and the pieces i bought from koukla and 2u (another great jewelry store in santorini that i will talk about tomorrow).
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