Tuesday, June 10, 2008


after a few days on mykonos, we took a ferry to the island of naxos. although, we spent most of our time walking in the mountains inland, we did spend some time wandering around the streets of chora. again, this little city was just loaded with jewelry. my favorite shop was naos which specializes in hand cut semi-precious stones, all organized by stone color. (so pretty!) many of the stones had unusual shapes and i was most impressed by the huge bezel-set pieces, some measuring around 4” wide. the owner and designer has been in the field for over 20 years and not only does all the metalwork, but cuts all the stones as well. i regret not buying a piece here. if i had, i would have got a stone ring in which the entire ring was cut from a solid piece of stone. next time?

i also liked the work in this little shop (see image of business card below). unfortunately, i don’t know the name. it was only spelled in greek letters. this place had a great mix of contemporary work, both metalwork and beaded pieces, some polished and refined, others more raw and handmade looking. i could not take images inside but did sneak a few of the windows from outside.

then just as we were heading to the ferry i stopped in at touloupi andriani to take a closer look at their extensive selection of 18 and 22k pieces.
then i noticed these tiny pendants on colorful cord necklaces. i walked away with this 18k shell pendant. the owner barely spoke english, but was so sweet and friendly. tomorrow…santorini.

thanks for reading.

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