Tuesday, June 10, 2008

item of the week

this week's item of the week is the tension necklace. in 2004 i had a short residency in seattle, wa. one saturday i was having a hard time getting motivated to make my work. to get myself warmed-up, i had this idea to make a sterling ring of two hammered bands, one of which would be held in place inside the other with tension. i ended up spending most of my day on that ring. it took awhile to make the two rings themselves and then to get the fit of the band inside band just so. there was a lot of hammering and then fine tuning of each band. that ring design later translated to the tension necklace, only now the rings are two steel bands soldered with 18k gold solder and then hung on a fine gold chain. this design, found in my steel & gold collection, is still challenging to make and every once in awhile i cannot get the tension right. the name is fitting in more ways than one.

please enjoy 20% off the tension necklace for the week, june 10-june 16. (originally $110, on sale for $88)

thanks for reading.

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