Monday, June 16, 2008

item of the week

this week's item of the week is the preface bracelet. a few years ago i spent the fall at the penland school of crafts in north carolina. towards the end of the session, most everyone started trading work - some people swapped things they had already made, while others made things especially for each other. one of my custom trades was for a guy friend who wanted a bracelet. i really wanted to make a bangle style bracelet for him, but it had to be masculine and easy to wear. as i played around with some wire, i felt a rectangular shape would be good. i bent the wire and bent it some more and came up with this slightly-off rectangle. i had just a little bit of wire left after making the four bends and instead of cutting it off, i left it and used as a design element. after soldering i needed to add some strength but didn't want hammer marks. i wanted a sleek surface so i ran the bracelet through the rolling mill to flatten it evenly. the preface bracelet was here! what about the name? well, this guy had excellent vocabulary and used the word "preface" in a conversation once. i liked how it sounded. when i decided to use that bracelet (which i think translates back to women's jewelry nicely) as the basis for an entire collection, i remembered that conversation and that word.

please enjoy 20% off the preface bracelet for the week, june 17-june 23. (originally $80, on sale for $64).

thanks for reading.

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