Monday, June 9, 2008


the first island i visited was mykonos. the city-center or "chora" (silent h) is a labyrinth of tiny streets, homes, shops, cafes, and restaurants. i snaked my way through one afternoon and stumbled upon ark of art. i was definitely drawn inside by the interesting exterior display cases. this tiny shop was packed with work, both traditional and unconventional. i had a nice chat with the owner and designer, christos kleidopomios, (i hope i spelled that right!) about jewelry, our work, and the charm of the island. when i told him i was also a jeweler he asked me if i had my own shop, a common question i found as i moved from place to place in greece. it seems many greek jewelers have studios that double as stores and vice-versa. at this point in the trip i was not yet buying anything. it was pretty early and i was just in awe of the shear volume and diversity of the jewelry available.

here is an image of the front and back of christos' business card. most places in greece had similar cards with maps on the back.
tomorrow...naxos. and, item of the week returns!

thanks for reading.

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