Monday, June 16, 2008

santorini, finale

while on santorini we also visted the city of oia. i took a few photos outside an antique and imports shop that carried beautiful contemporary work, lots with a byzantine feel. lots of rich colored stones and pearls, high carat gold, and filigree inspired settings.
i also wanted to mention that in fira, sanorini’s capital there are jewelry shops all over, but there is actually a street called “jewelry street” where every shop is dedicated to jewelry. most of the stores carry fine jewelry, lots of 18 and 22k gold, lots of diamonds... pave set stones seem to be very popular, along with mesh and woven wire. many owners and shop salespeople stand outside when things are slow, chatting with each other and inviting passersby to come in. this was all fascinating to me.


thanks for reading.


Brotherleelove said...

"Jewelry Street", as you've called it, is actually called "Gold Street", and that's just a nickname, not the real name, which is Ypapantis.

amy tavern said...

so glad you posted that because i remember hearing and reading the name "gold street," too. i forgot to include that info. thanks for the comment!

jewelry said...

What gorgeous jewelry images- really sublime.