Tuesday, June 24, 2008

athens, part 3

i spotted the work of theodora pantazopoulou while wandering around athens. we were on the outskirts of the plaka and followed a long hallway to an out-of-the-way shop called "gyali" (greek for glass) with jewelry, glass, and pottery. theodora's squarish rings with colorful monofilament caught my eye. the rings were made of oxidized sterling silver and they had thin openings on the sides in which she had loosely balled up the ends of the monofilament. she also had sweet brooches and earrings made with similar materials as well as newspaper and resin. theodora has a background in jewelry and interior design. she also teaches and sells her work at the benaki museum in athens. she was kind enough to send along a few images to me for this post:

after leaving this shop we headed to sagiannos gallery, a contemporary jewelry gallery with a spare, modern interior and just a few glass cases built into the walls. there was some really cool work here and i pocketed a few postcards on the way out, including this one featuring the work of carolina vallejo.

in addition to jewelry, carolina makes sculpture and installations. her work is conceptually based, inspired by and commenting on social and political issues.

another postcard from sagiannos gallery: (both images show front and back of each card.)

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