Thursday, June 5, 2008

in the meantime

i was just trying to post another greece installment, but discovered i can't find the cord that one uses to transfer digital pictures from camera to computer. although i have lots of pictures of greek jewelry shops and the jewelry inside them, i don't have pictures of the work i actually bought. since the cord is missing, well, more greece posts will have to wait. in the meantime, i thought i would write about a few new happenings.

i have more new gallery representation with heidi lowe gallery in rehoboth beach, de. heidi will be carrying my studio jewelry and my preface collection. she also invited me to make cuff links for her upcoming cuff links show, "night of the stud" which opens august 2.

my ring "this came a bit later" will be included in the upcoming exhibition "30 small works" at gallery up in rock hill, sc. i sent my application and images for the jury just before i left for greece and the acceptance letter arrived while i was away. when i got home i had a huge pile of mail to sort through and happily discovered that my ring is featured on the show postcard before i even saw the acceptance letter. needless to say, it was a great surprise!today i got the new metalsmith magazine in the mail. i saw the back cover first and was so excited to see my studiomate geoff giles. he is featured in an ad for rio grande because he won a saul bell design award last year. i've known about the ad for awhile but this is the first time i've seen it. i think it's pretty awesome - go geoff!

jewelry of the month is coming up in just a few weeks. i will debut this new project july 1.

finally, item of the week will return tuesday, june 10 and guest star friday will return friday, june 13.

thanks for reading.

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