Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Island on SFMOMA

Recently, I submitted my embroidered piece, Island of 14,264 Days, to the SFMOMA Tumblr for their "Submission Friday" and it was picked! The theme was "Monochromatic." I didn't even realize it had been chosen until my friend Loring Taoka messaged me... very exciting and fun!

"Island of 14,264 Days is an imaginary island that represents my life. It presents my experiences as an independent landmass seen at once in a far away and a close-up view. It is also a self-portrait, an abstract interpretation of my physical form and persona. I made this piece to spend deliberate time processing and making sense of my experiences, both wonderful and troubling. I felt it necessary to slow down and consider each moment individually and collectively, and embroidery was the perfect way to do this; it is an innately slow and methodical technique. The moments captured in the countless knots comprise the number of days I had lived when I completed the piece, as the island itself established a place of existence and home for me."

Thanks for reading.

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