Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Been 10 Years, Part 1

Ratio/Signature Collection

Months ago I announced that 2015 marks my ten-year anniversary of being a full-time artist and metalsmith. I also said I was going to do a series of posts reflecting on the past decade. Then I made a decision about grad school and began the cross-country moving process. There was just too much going on for me to wrap my head about anything retrospective, until now. For the next few days I will finally share some favorites from the past, starting today with a look back at the kind of work I was making then. At that time, my focus was production jewelry and I had five to seven collections depending on the year. I began with my Ratio Collection, and over time added Egg & Bean, Steel + Gold, and a Men's Collection, plus others. The work focused on simplicity, layers, and interesting shapes and lines. I used mostly sterling silver, but did add some non-precious materials and gold. My production work helped me to grow my business and name, and, most importantly, allowed me to make jewelry every day. Here are a few of my production collection favorites:

Egg & Bean Collection

Steel + Gold Collection

Preface Collection

Layered Collection

Tiny Collection

Men's Collection

Diskis Collection

See more original collection images on Flickr.

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