Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Been 10 Years, Part 6

one of my absolute favorite pictures from my original collections by Hank Drew, the Bamboo Necklace

One final 10-year post, and in this one, I want to say thanks to the people I consider part of my "team." My photographer, Hank Drew, my graphic designer, Brandon Dawley, my editor, Katey Schultz, and my mentor, Lori Talcott. I have worked with these wonderful people for years and I am grateful to them for their expertise, hard work, insight, and patience. Hank started taking pictures for me in 2004 with my production collections and is now taking beautiful images of my larger, more sculptural and installation-based work. I have known Brandon since high school and he's been creating logos, ads, banners, and posters for me for a long time. He also got my new website going. I met Katey at Penland in 1999 and recently she began editing for me from grad school essays to artist statements. Lori was one of my first teachers and continues to guide me today. In fact we had a long talk just a few days ago about grad school and, as always, she questioned, challenged, and supported me. These gifted, generous individuals know my work, they pay attention, they listen, they advise, and they communicate effectively and thoughtfully. There is a balanced, natural give-and-take that occurs between us and we work well together. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with them and consider each of them a friend, too. I hope you will take some time to visit the links included in this post and check out their incredible work.

 current installation shot by Hank Drew, 
Silently (I Saw a Robin Today)

the logo Brandon designed for my solo show I Live Here Now

Lori in her studio

Artist Statement
I am devoted to observing the world that surrounds me and questioning the human condition through the lens of my own life experience. Through a variety of traditional and exploratory multi-media techniques, I create jewelry, objects, and installations that hint at memory, time, loss, and the layered sense of self I believe we all carry. I intuitively select materials and forms to represent the intangible and to create abstract narratives. Using my own memory of people, places, and objects, I seek to communicate the duality of the human experience, convey emotion, and connect with others.

my most current artist statement written with help from Katey

Thanks for reading. 

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