Monday, March 25, 2013

Final Day and Rose and Sentiment

Rose and Sentiment Earrings...Sale price $90
Today is the final full day of my 96-Hour Sale and here is the fourth new "History Repeats" piece, Rose and Sentiment Earrings. Lovely and delicate with a modern, deconstructed edge...regular price $120, sale price $90.

The sale has been great so far and I'm looking forward to filling all the orders I've collected since Friday. I have to say, it is so fun to sell my work for obvious reasons, but what I really love is the connection I make with my customers. Most people leave me comments when they order and what they share with me is always fantastic: a brief story telling why they chose the piece they purchased, comments on how they relate to my work, or the identity of the person who will get the piece as a gift. The purchase itself means so much to me but those stories, they bring it home. So thanks to all of you for that! If you haven't had a chance to stop by the shop yet, I do hope you will visit in the next 24 hours while the sale is still on. There are lots of pieces under $50...perfect treats for yourself or someone you love. I created a new shop section, "Under 50 Dollars," just for these pieces.

Badges...Sale $36 each

Small Arc Pendant...Sale $40.50

Sentiment Pendant...Sale $42

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