Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Parallel Constellations

details of the first pieces - Raissa right, mine left
I'm finally able to share some information about the two-person show I'm doing with Raissa Bump at Gallery Lulo in September. Raissa and I started planning in January and recently wrote our first statement about the exhibition for the Gallery Lulo website. We've started making work, too, but we can't really divulge much right now as it's all very, very fresh.

Parallel Constellations
New Work by Raissa Bump and Amy Tavern 
September 2013

Since meeting in the fall of 2007, Amy Tavern and Raissa Bump have been having conversations about what interests them, business, jewelry, one-of-a-kind and production work, lifestyles. This happened effortlessly and with open doors and hearts. For this exhibition they continue those conversations--focusing in on ideas around mapping and constellations. These two concepts serve as the starting point for new works. They have set up some permeable perimeters to work within, knowing this exhibition will unfold in ways they can foresee and, hopefully, in ways that are surprising. They will make their own works in their studios, as they always do, as well as exchanging some pieces in collaboration, something new to them. The work will speak to their own and combined aesthetic as it develops under the umbrella of the same constellations and over thousands of miles.

The opening reception is Saturday, September 14 from 5-7 at Gallery Lulo in Healdsburg, CA.

Raissa and I at the opening reception of my solo show at Velvet da Vinci in 2011

I will say this: I am so excited and honored to have a show with such a dear friend and incredible artist. Raissa has played a big role in my career. We met at Penland in 2007 when I was her assistant in her Fall Concentration class. I was struggling with my work then and coming to that crossroads where I knew I needed a huge change. She was the one who encouraged me to revisit one-of-a-kind jewelry and that is when I started my Line Drawings series. I am grateful for that time we spent together because of how she helped me and because it is the foundation of what has become a wonderful friendship. I look forward to working with her in the coming months and then to celebrating with her in September.

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