Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Color on Metal, West Coast Style

I head to San Francisco and Oakland tomorrow to be a visiting artist at the California College of the Arts. A busy day is planned for me on Thursday starting with critiques with grad students, seniors, and advanced metals students. Next I give a lecture, titled "Layer After Layer," to the department and public. It will focus on my background, the development of my jewelry, and my recent works. Then I give another presentation and demonstrate how to use spray paint for the metals class, "Color on Metal." This will be my first time teaching spray painting on metal and really I am excited! I now have a handout detailing the process (I LOVE handouts!) and a variety of samples showing different surface effects. For my demo, I'm will show how to apply spray paint and how to manipulate the cured surface with files and sand paper. My presentation will show how I use color in my work, why I use spray paint specifically, and will explain my process, step by step. I'm really looking forward to sharing this info and my love of this material. It should be a really great day!

Then I get to spend a long weekend with friends in SF and plan to visit some museums and galleries, hit my favorite restaurants, and get another new, badass tattoo. 

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