Thursday, March 7, 2013

Observation/Translation: 90 Days in Belgium

I created a set on Flickr last night that includes all the images in order from my Yuma Art Symposium talk along with accompanying text. The talk was about my wonderful experience in Belgium and the work I made there for my solo exhibition at Beyond Fashion in Antwerp. It includes a narrative about my travel inside Belgium, details about the many interesting things I saw, how I developed my ideas for the work, my process, and images of the final pieces. I am really happy with this talk...I hope you will take a look and spend some time reading it. It took me about an hour to present but should only take about 15 minutes to read through. The images I posted here are all slides from the presentation.

wandering around Antwerp

my studio

list of ideas based on observations

making a paper pattern for a brooch


Thanks for reading.

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