Wednesday, April 14, 2010

paper to metal to paper

I tried folding paper again the other day as a way to get me going in the studio. I made four forms and when I was not excited by any of them, I moved on to something else. The next morning when I walked into my studio, they were the first things I saw. They looked so interesting in a group. They had continuity and personality. I immediately thought I should make them in metal. So...I traced each form onto sheet copper, sawed them out, and started bending. Forming most of them was pretty straight forward with a mallet and bench block but the large, rectangular form required more attention. I used a stake for this one and really got into it, so much so, that the next day I went at it again to crisp up the edges. Next I spray painted them with several coats of white spray paint and let them cure for a few days. I followed this with my routine of sanding, filing, drawing, and scratching away at the surface.

paper teardrops

Once I had them looking the way I wanted, I began making pin stems for each - I really saw them as a group of brooches. I spent several hours on two separate days trying to work them out with no success. I finally gave up, wondering if maybe they should just be objects. (As a jeweler I naturally want everything to be wearable.) At this point I had already drilled some holes in each piece to accommodate the pin stems. To make the piercings look intentional I added a few more. Then I dipped them all in liver of sulfur.

The last thing I had to do was figure out a way to cold-connect one of the forms that was in two parts. I drilled more holes and tried wiring them together, but I didn't like the way it looked. I tied the pieces together with white thread instead and left the ends long.

I am very pleased with this little group and I am satisfied with them as objects and not jewelry. I really enjoyed each step of this process. It felt free. I made them because I wanted to make them, just for myself.

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Robynn C said...

I like the copper form in its raw state too. It is striking as an object in your photo.

What really struck me in this post though, was the capital letters. i finished it thinking, what's up with that?

Hope you are well!

Amy Tavern said...

thanks for leaving a comment. funny, that you noticed the capitals. i'm thinking about using them again consistently and i'm trying to figure out how to transition. i used them in this post to try it out and i wondered if anyone would notice! i'm not sold yet!