Monday, April 19, 2010


here are a few images of the embroidery i did over the winter. it's taken me awhile to write about them because they were wrapped up in my mind and i felt like keeping quiet. now that i've had a chance to process them, i am ready to share them. when i look at them now i definitely see some patterns and have realized a few things about my jewelry. back in february i laid them out to look at them all at once and discovered the curious boomerang-like shape that creeped out from somewhere inside my head. i did not intend to make them all look that way but somehow that shape just kept happening. like my cones from the other day, i think i should probably make some metal boomerangs. the odd one out is based on a drawing from my sketchbook. you'll know the one because it does not look like a boomerang.

i enjoyed stitching away in january and february. the process is like drawing with needle and thread instead of pencil and paper. it comes easily to me and was not daunting like regular drawing. most of the time i used the colonial knot, a methodical and rhythmic stitch. i find knots to be the most satisfying to make and love the way they look. i also loved using my hands in a different way.

more on flickr.

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klineola said...

these are really great "drawings"! one of the great things about the residency is the freedom to explore.