Friday, April 9, 2010

guest star friday #58...beth legg

hinterlands I

for last week's guest star post, i wrote about a jeweler who uses natural objects in a very interesting way, a way that caught my attention. for today's guest star i thought i would continue this theme and found the work of beth legg. beth uses natural objects as elements in her pieces, like this necklace above, and she also uses nature as a theme as in the brooch below. her jewelry caught my attention because of its minimal feel and the graphic, compositional quality many of her pieces embody. i like how she pairs cast twigs and leaves, wood, horn, and stones with pearls and metalwork. she does a wonderful job establishing a fine balance between the different materials.

caged bird, brooch

pods and buds, necklace

transatlantic (3), brooches

find more on beth's blog and on klimt02

thanks for reading.

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Thea Clark said...

I bought Beth's book from Charon Kransen at SNAG in Philadelphia. It includes wonderful images of artists' works and is all about working with various natural materials.