Thursday, April 1, 2010

once again...SF, part 6, the end

just a few more bits about my trip to san francisco before i move on to other things. i met jeweler and gallery owner, karen gilbert, at my opening at rare device. we had a good talk about our work and her new gallery (gallery lulo). she also invited me to be a part of the gallery, which i am very excited about. she represents a strong group of jewelers, many of whom are among my favorites. i will be working in the coming weeks on a new group of jewelry for her.

i got myself a lovely jewelry treat at rare device - this leather covered pendant by jalea jalea. i saw it last time i was at rare device in 2008 for my west coast trunk show tour and have not stopped thinking about it since. i figured that was a sign...

the one disappointment of the trip was that i did not make it to shibumi gallery. there just wasn't time...too bad, i would have liked to see that space and the tina rath show. i'm finding her work very curious right now. i guess i'll have to rely on the internet to see images...

and finally, a huge thank you to rena and lisa at rare device for inviting me to be in fault lines, for curating such a beautiful show, for hosting a fantastic opening, and for just being all-around fantastic people. (it's wonderful working with you!)

thanks for reading.

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