Friday, April 23, 2010

guest star friday #60...courtney starrett and michael gayk

loti 1, bracelets, collaborative project, selective laser sintered nylon and rit dye

last night i gave a lecture at winthrop university with angela bubash (more on that soon) and was hosted that evening by courtney starrett and michael gayk. courtney is assistant professor of jewelry and metals at winthrop university and michael is an instructional developer at york technical college/3D systems university. i went to school with michael at the university of washington. he was working on his mfa while i was working on my bfa. a few years later we crossed paths and that's when i met courtney, his wife. they are wonderful people and are making some really interesting things both separately and collaboratively. i really like the forms and textures of these pieces and i am especially interested in how the texture is created via repetition and layering.

domestic goddess, courtney starrett, silicone rubber

sucker, michael gayk - cast silicone photopolymer

the sociable choice, courtney starrett, silicone rubber

squares, michael gayk - cast silicone photopolymer

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