Tuesday, June 2, 2009


as you may or may not know, i took the entire month of may off from online activities. i did not blog or read other blogs, i did not update my facebook business profile page, my website, or my flickr site, i barely touched email or my personal facebook page, and i did not even think about any of these things really. i have to admit, it was wonderful. i felt lighter. i had more time to do other things. i know how important this stuff can be so i'm coming back to it with a refreshed, open mind. i just want to figure out how to make it all work so i am blogging and such AND finding all the time i need and want to be at my bench, a challenging balancing act for sure. this week i will be thinking about how to do this and would like to have a plan of sorts by the end of the week. i spent some time considering it yesterday. it felt like a brainstorming session only with one person, me. i have a good start so far. also, i have to clarify that i am not loosing myself on the internet, wasting time by getting carried away. my problem is that i spend too much time making it all sound and look right, typos, grammar, spelling, image size, links...i am a bit of a perfectionist. obsessing over all those details can make a blog post that is maybe a short paragraph take over an hour or my flickr uploads two hours plus. then i get mad because i spent too much time. anywhere, there it is. more to follow.

i will also be writing about everything that happened over the last four weeks. when i look back i feel like i did nothing, but when i look closer i realize i actually did a lot. more to follow on all that, too.

for now, see you later and thanks for reading.

p.s. that took me 32 minutes to write. yikes.


Francesca Celia said...

Hooray! Glad you're back, I love your work. :)

_b said...

Glad you're back! I'm a new jewelry artist and a big fan of your work—and your writing too!

radon said...

Amy, this is so interesting. I recently did the same thing...I called it a personal retreat, to think about what is my core mission, what's related to that, what I should spend time on, and what I shouldn't. It's super worthwhile to take the time to consider.

Oh, and everything always takes longer than you think it will, n'est-ce pas?